WOO II An Exploration in Design - July 2012 - By Stoneghost: Dalaran


Woo II - Energy

To avoid a proliferation of indicator bars, all characters display the same form of basic energy.

If needed to enable actions, energy can be transformed as needed before use. E.g., energy can be changed into mana, rage, runic power, and so forth at the time it is needed.

It would be better, however, if all actions used basic energy, though in differing proportions.

The Basic Problem

The current game generates energy and applies it in different ways.

For example, these types of energy regenerate differently:

And these classes use energy in very different ways:

As an exercise, imagine that a player selects the following offensive talents for a character (these are more or less random, just for illustration):

First ... there does not seem to be any reason why all of these could not use the same form of energy. All except the beam would use up a parcel of energy, and the beam would use a fixed amount per second of casting.

Secondly, after some thought, it seems as if all of the current energy forms are more or less the same, but packaged differently, perhaps to make the classes more distinct. For example, death knight runes are not really different from mage mana ... both use up a certain amount of energy in order to perform an action.

Cosmetic effects aside, the differences appear in the way the energy is generated. Runes and combo points are created in discrete chunks. Mana and rage are created in tiny, nearly continuous chunks.


This means that the game only needs to have one kind of energy.

Regeneration will happen in a multitude of ways. depending on the character's skills and talents:

These all occur in the current game. The difference is that in WOO II they all modify the same energy store. And, each action will spend a certain amount of energy, though often in differing formats:

There is no reason why the game should not provide a variety of cosmetic effects for different combat attributes. A particular channeled attack, for example, could pop up a unique energy display for the duration of that attack. At the conclusion, the display would vanish and the character's primary energy store would have been adjusted.

More Options

A single energy standard, along with a wide variety of choices for player damage talents, still allows for interesting mechanics.

For example: