WOO II An Exploration in Design - September 2012 - By Stoneghost: Dalaran


Woo II - Experience and level


The account represents the player. It functions as the hub for all characters and play. While some players may want to create and play a single character, most will want to create a group of characters. Account level attributes help the player manage his or her characters. The goal is to reduce frustration and increase fun by allowing as much sharing between characters as is possible on one account.

All items bind to the account and can be shared among characters. Players may switch characters "in place."


Experience is an account attribute that increases with any character played on the account. Experience is a measure of "time in game." It does not have many direct uses, but it establishes seniority and gives long-time players something to show for their dedication.


Gear is account-bound. This permits items to be shifted from character to character as needed and allows the player to focus on character development rather than gear acquisition. Because gear is level-adapted, players will not have a huge surplus of gear items.


All characters on a single account share the same bank. This requires one bank account with multiple bag slots. This greatly reduces the need to mail items from one character to another on the same account.


The Character is seen by the game as a collection of numbers and graphics, and by the player as an avatar with attributes and possessions. Both of these views must be balanced against one another: in order to make the game more enjoyable, the character should be as detailed as possible, however, in order to maintain processing efficiency, the size of the data set for the character must be kept as small as possible.


Level is a character attribute. Once a character has reached a given level, players may reset the character's level to any lower level (and back) at any time. "Max" level the highest level that the character has achieved, and "level" indicates the characters current level.

Level is based on achievement during play. Opportunities for raising level depend on the character's life path. Thus, Fighters, Raiders, and Crafters each have unique activities that offer level achievements. General questing opportunities do not offer level points.