WOO II An Exploration in Design - July 2012 - By Stoneghost: Dalaran


WOO II - access to gear and enhancements

The primary goal is to guarantee fair and equal access to all characters.

This does not mean that every character gets to possess every item of gear and/or every enhancement. It means that every character has an even chance to purchase, win or find the items in question. The exception to this rule occurs within Life Paths where various items and enhancements are limited to use within a particular Path or venue and are only available within certain venues.

BASIC Production and SALES

Characters following the Crafter Life Path have the ability to make most, of the common items available within the game. This is, after all, what Craters do, and the ability to sell goods and services to players is what powers the Crafter progression.

However, because the level of supply from the Crafting profession is likely to fluctuate, sometimes wildly, the game should provide a way of making basic items always available. Probably, there will be three venues of access: direct sales, auction, and NPC shops.

NPC Shops

The easiest way of controlling availability of items is to offer basic items for sale in shops staffed by NPCs. The prices in these shops can be adjusted as needed. In general, prices should maintain a level high enough to encourage sales from Crafters but low enough so as not to undercut the Auction House. In other words, a Crafter with a stack of items should face the choice of immediate sale to an NPC shop for a lower price or a sale at auction that gets a higher price but takes more work to accomplish.


Auction houses will permit any player to offer items for sale.

Via their Life Path, Crafters will have access to skills to make Auctioning easier and more productive. Crafters who specialize as Factors will have additional advanced Auction skills and tools.

Direct Sales

Any player may sell goods directly to other players via the chat channels and COD mail.

Crafters who become Factors have shops or stalls from which they can offer items for sale to other characters. Some of these are located in cities; others are located in Theme Parks and Fun Houses. There will be a limited number of shops and stalls, and Crafters will need to rent them from an NPC rental office.

ESOTERIC and Specialty GOODS

Enhancement Redemption Centers

Reward points can be redeemed for items, enhancements, titles and other goods at special Life Path and venue redemption centers. Some of these goods, especially the cosmetic items and titles, are usable anywhere. Others, especially enhancements and ranks, are only useful within the venues of a particular Life Path. In general, Crafters are not involved in the production or sale of these goods.


Certain goods are available on a very random, global basis. These do not spawn in a particular place or on a particular schedule. They may be items of gear found in a locked box, or rare plants, or ancient enhancements. Their purpose is to make the game more interesting, and they should pop up as surprises in ways that cannot be predicted.

Boss DRops

In general NPCs, including dungeon bosses, do no drop items. Instead they give currency, achievements for the Life Path involved, and/or reward points. This is consistent with the WOO II approach to looting.