WOO II An Exploration in Design - July 2012 - By Stoneghost: Dalaran


WOO II - Crafter Skills

Upon choosing the Crafter life path, a character acquires a Holding and the ability to grow raw materials. A farm's modules produce a minimal amount of a basic material, but as the character gains skill in crafting, the farm adds modules, and the modules become more productive.

Some materials will be used raw, but most will need to be processed in the Holding's Factory. Raw and processed materials are fabricated into items or delivered as services. The Crafter monitors sales of goods and services from the Holding's Office.

In general, more basic materials are produced than a single crafter would normally need. This generates a market in materials. Most materials will need further processing in order to be useful ... an additional market. Thus, there are four markets: raw materials, refined materials, finished goods, and services.


Note that this page is intended to illustrate what a talent tree might be like. No attempt has been made to be complete or consistent.


Pre-requisite for this tree: the Crafter Life Path


Growth: increases material growth (repeats)

Reap: increases harvest speed (repeats)

Expand: add modules to the farm

Reproduce: allows the use of reproductive seeds

Explore: initiates the offering of quests for rare materials

processing and fabrication

Flux: increases the speed of materials processing (repeats)

Quality Control: increases the speed of fabrication (repeats)

Efficiency: increases the maximum output of a template

Hands On: increases the speed of person-to-person service delivery

Expansion: add modules to the factory

Marketing and Sales

Sweet Talk: reduces costs of goods from NPC vendors

Persuasion: increases the amount NPC vendors are willing to pay for goods

ATM: installs access to the player's Bank

Portal: installs a portal to the nearest Farmer's Market

Computer: installs a computer in the Holding's Office, the computer performs basic arithmetic functions and can accept advanced software modules

Private Line: installs an Auction House access point in the Crafter's Office (repeat for Farmer's Markets)



Crafting is a new Life Path that does not come with the built in "tank/healer/damage" division of labor. The three divisions listed here are offered as a starting point. A crafter may do only one of the three ... unless dual specifications are permitted.

Farmer: Specializes in growing, harvesting, mining and locating raw materials.

Fallow: reduces the down time of a resource module (repeats faster cooldown, more modules)

Resource Map: locates various "wild" and rare resources on the outside game map

Pest Control: increases the ability to deal with pests of various kinds (repeats more effective control)

Preserve: reduces the decay rate on a class of materials (repeats for additional classes)

Mutate: increases the rate at which reproductive seeds create new kinds of seeds

Materials Expert: increases the rate and variety of rare materials quests

Homestead: gives the Holding the same benefits as an Inn

Maker: Specializes in processing raw materials into refined materials. Fabricates goods and delivers services.

Labor Negotiator: reduces the cost of processing and fabrication

Automation: reduces the cooldown of a module (repeats faster cooldown, more modules)

Grease Gun: reduces breakdowns in production and fabrication (repeats more effective)

Preserve: reduces the decay rate on a class of items (repeats for additional classes)

Smith: gain the ability to make a module or specialized tool (repeats)

Template Master: enables the creation of new templates

Template Guru: enables the creation of master templates

Factor: Specializes in selling materials, goods and services.

Mailing List: Maintains a list of player customers and notifies them of available goods and services

Accountant: installs a bookkeeping module in the Crafter's Office

Supply Line Management: installs a module that makes it easier to list bulk items in the Auction House and Farmer's Markets

Money Changer: allows the Crafter to convert leveling and reward points to cash as a service to other players

Middleman: allows the Crafter to write contracts and hold funds in escrow as a service to other players

Portal: upgrades the existing portal to include Farmers Markets (repeats for other important destinations)


Shape Shift

Farmer: time spent in this form while outside of the holding increases the growth speed of modules

Maker: while in this form outside of the holding prices of NPC wares are reduced and cash received from NPC vendors is increased

Factor: while in this form outside of the holding sales commissions at the Auction House and Farmer's Markets are reduced