WOO II An Exploration in Design - July 2012 - By Stoneghost: Dalaran


WOO II - Criminals

WOO II eliminates "world" PvP. Characters have their PvP flags down as a default, although any players who want to engage in PvP combat can, of course, put their flags up and go at it. Dueling is unchanged. Conversations with players leads me to believe that some players will oppose this idea, not because they want to engage in PvP combat, but because they want to be able to "jump" unsuspecting players and kill them.

Although not included in the WOO II design ... due mostly to time constranits ... this leads to the notion of an occupation, under all Life Paths, called "Criminal."

Life Path

Criminals can belong to any Life Path. In fact a Criminal must establish a "regular" identity if he or she is to be a successful menace to society.

CRIme mode

Criminals acquire the attributes of their chosen Life Path. However, when a criminal is ready to commit a crime, he or she will usually first enter "Crime Mode". This is similar to a shape shift, and it enables a host of special abilities. Crime mode can be turned off, but it has a five minute "negative" cooldown ... in other words, it takes five minutes to fade away - and during this time the criminal can be identified as such.

Other special criminal abilities are always available:


Criminals leveling achievements are few but simple - kill, steal and attempt covert missions. However, Criminals have a particularly stringent penalty for failure.


If a Criminal dies while in Crime Mode, a complaint is lodged and recorded. Complaints can be removed by paying a fine. The fine increases with the number of active complaints, and with the number of complaints on the Criminal's recent record. (The record is expunged over time.)

Complaints which are not cleared after a period of time result in a loss of leveling credit.

Complaints are a very serious busines, and a Criminal may be "deleveled" via this mechanism.


In Crime Mode criminals are empowered to attack any player that they meet. Criminal attacks are similar to duels, but without permission. At the end of the attack the loser has no health, but but only the Criminal can die ... a dueled player returns to full health and is immune from further attacks for a time. A win in this situation, counts as a kill for the Criminal. A loss counts as a death.

Kills help Criminals gain level and the value varies by the level of the victim:

In other words, killing lower level characters is a bad for a Criminal's leveling prospects. This rule is put in to keep Criminals from preying extensively on lower level characters.


Criminal achievements also include the theft of currency and goods. Leveling points vary by the value of the goods received.


Faction clandestine services may offer Criminals "seek and destroy" missions behind enemy lines. These may involve assassination, sabotage, theft and activities that would normally be considered crimes. These are structured as quests and provide leveling rewards as well as currency ... and, of course, an opportunity to use one's criminal skills for good.


Each Criminal possesses a bounty, or a price on his or her head. When a Criminal is killed, the bounty is paid to and divided among the characters who do the killing. The bounty is cut in half if the killers are from the opposing Faction.

A Criminal's bounty increases with level. It also increases by a smaller amount each time the Criminal successfully completes a crime. When collected, the bounty returns to zero.