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This is not a library of all possible WoW bg strategies and tactics. These are examples of what some teams have used. I put them here to help show people how to plan their own battles. If you want to win, you have to devise your own plans and adapt them to the strengths and weaknesses of your team.

Because tactics are specific actions, they tend to apply in specific situations. To make them easier to read I've grouped them as offensive and defensive. If a tactic applies to both offense and defense, I try to mention it in both places.

Strategies by Battleground


Tactics by Battleground



How Strategies Are Different From Tactics

In the real world "strategy" refers to the big picture ... the overall plan which is intended to achieve the primary goal. "Tactics" refer to operational methods and details intended to execute the strategy. In military parlance a strategy is an overarching plan that connects and coordinates all of the activity in a war or in a campaign of a war. The conduct of an individual battle involves only tactics.

In WoW battlegrounds there are no campaigns ... only individual battles. So, technically, there is no strategy in WoW. However, there are two distinct stages to all WoW battles and I will use the words "strategy" and "tactics" to describe these.


In a WoW battleground strategy describes your overall approach to winning the game. In WSG, for example, you may plan to "capture the flag three times as fast as we can" ... or ... you may plan to "capture the flag one more time than they can and defend whenever we're ahead." In other words, you start with a plan and I'm calling that plan the "strategy."

Once the battle is underway, you will likely evaluate the situation and decide whether or not to change your general approach. You may say ... "we can beat these guys quickly, so lets go for 3 flag caps" ... or ... "we're lucky to be ahead and there's only four minutes to go, let's defend." Or it may change to "we're badly outmatched, let's just get as many kills as we can while they win the game."

The strategy may change ... and it may succeed, or it may fail ... but it should never go away ... you should always have an overall plan in mind.


In a WoW battleground tactics apply to the actions you direct your team to take. "Get our flag back now", "group 2 cap MT," and "get the Hanger back" are all directions that ask your team to accomplish a specific objective. These moves are tactics. Hopefully, all of the different tactics applied during the battle will add up to achieving the strategy ... for a win.

Tactics are needed because there are usually many different ways of accomplishing the overall objective. Suppose, for example, your plan for Arathi Basin is to capture three bases and defend them, and suppose you start out by capping the BS, LM and FARM. There is no guarantee that you will be able to keep these all the time, so suppose that the enemy takes LM away from you. At that point, you need to capture another base ... but it can be any of the LM, the GM or the ST. When you decide which base to direct your team to attack, you are applying tactics.

Some Actions That Are Also Tactics But Not Included in this Site

Battleground decisions occur at many levels. When two groups of players meet and begin to fight, for example, there are tactics that determine how they structure the fight. "Go after the healer" is a tactical command. "Fight on the flag" is a tactical command.

Similarly, if a mage is fighting with a shaman, individual tactics apply. The mage may try to freeze the shaman and then use a frost spell. The shaman may drop a healing totem in reply. And on and on. The moves that players make when they fight one-on-one are tactics, too.

Here, I am going to talk about the tactical commands that a leader calls out during the battle. And I will also mention some of the commonly used tactics for specific battlegrounds ... like "fight on the hilltops" in EotS. But I am not going to mention fights between individual players.

There are many guides that give advice on how to fight with various classes. I've listed links to some of those on the other links page.